Mad about web design!


Web Design

is my passion, my addiction, my everything.


The what, the when, the why never matters. Only the who. Here's a bit about me.

Who am I ?

Well… I’m a 27 year old family guy who goes by the name of Mark Bowley living in old blighty.


With a slightly strange obsession for web design, WordPress, Photoshop, fonts, browsers, films, a casual need for gaming and a lot of other geeky stuff.


I wasn’t always like this though. I use to be pretty cool. But one day I found that there was a geek in me and I could just no longer ignore it.


What I do:

I spend a lot of my time with my head buried into my laptop screen and my fingers furiously typing away trying to get my daily fix of geekyness! I design and develop websites for fun as well as the odd website here and there for money. I’m a self taught web designer with over 6 years of learning experience and I just can’t get enough!


When I’m not making websites in my spare time, I’m usually exploring the wonders of pixels through Photoshop, catching up on some video gaming, spending hours on those damn social networks and in between all of that, having fun playing with my son and daughter.


How I Got Into Web Design:

I first got into the whole web thing in 2009 when i signed up to a gaming forum called LittleBigLand. It was the first forum i had ever signed up to and before that i didn’t even spend much time on the inter-webs. Crazy i know.. Anyway after spending so much time on there and helping out in many ways, i was brought on as a moderator. After some time i was then made an administrator and was running many aspects of the site.


Then came a time where we needed a new site design. There was no way we were going to pay someone to do it and there wasn’t really anyone else to do it. I was determined to have a new site design so i started learning how to do it. I then started to fall in love with web design and spent over a year learning how to do it all.


It was from then on I found the geek in me and became obsessed with designing/setting up websites and all that other jazz.


Since then I’ve made a few websites for myself and for other people. If you need a website made then first check out what I’m capable of and If you like what I can do then contact me.

This Is My Style

there are many like it but this one is mine.


I Love

Wordpress and everything about it.


perfect madness lost in the world of images.



can only be one... browser.