I had always wanted to make something for my daughter in terms of a website. One day the idea occurred to me to make an online photo album. My partner and I are constantly taking pictures of our daughter trying to capture every moment and showing the pictures to family and friends and Facebook. So an online photo album where our family and friends could view all of the pictures we capture seemed like a really good idea.

Once the idea was in my head I was set on it. I didn’t want to create a whole separate site for it as all I wanted was an about page and a page to display all the pictures. But at the same time wanted to build it using WordPress. So I decided to make a subdirectory on my site and install WordPress on there.


Once I had set up the site and compiled a bunch of pictures to upload, I got to work on the design. Which was fairly easy. I thought just make it very pink and very girly.

This was a very fun project and means a lot to me. I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up and see it one day.