LittleBigLand was the first website I ever got involved in and is pretty much the main reason I got involved with web design.

The website had been around for over 6 years. The site was originally made by someone else and I was just a member of the site. After being brought on as a moderator and then an admin on the forum. I eventually took over the site and owned it.

Over the years the site went through many changes, including 4 main designs and 3 different forum frameworks. The first couple blog designs used WordPress themes from Elegant Themes which I heavily modified to suit my needs. The later designs however were custom themes which I made from scratch. It became apparent that is was in fact harder to use pre-made themes to suit needs, rather then just building one from scratch with everything I needed. That was when I started to really learn web design.

A custom feature on this site, which I built from scratch was the tutorial submission page. Basically people who are signed up to the site, could write tutorials and submit them to be reviewed by a staff member and then posted onto the tutorials page. I first looked high and low for a WordPress plugin to do this, but could not find one with everything I needed. Most importantly, one with a visual editor. So I decided to just build one myself.

The visual editor was achieved with the Tinymce editor and the submit feature was achieved by inserting the post data into the database as a draft post. The whole thing was then displayed with a WordPress page template. Other features were the ability for people to edit and delete previous tutorials and also sidebar widgets to spotlight popular tutorials and comments made on the tutorial posts.

Another feature of the site was the Media section. Displaying posts from a “Media” category and different sections containing wallpapers, signatures, avatars and other forms of media all submitted by the community.

LittleBigLand had been a very long on going project of mine and I am proud of the success the site gained over the years. With a large Twitter fan base of over 3.000 followers, receiving up to 4.000 hits a day at times, getting over 20.000 hits in one day on one particular occasion and receiving praise from the developers of LittleBigPlanet and Sony. LittleBigLand was one of the most popular LittleBigPlanet fan sites there was. This was were my passion for web design started and is one of my greatest online achievements.