This was quite a handy site among the LittleBigPlanet community. It was a website where users could generate a forum signature that showed statistical in-game information pulled from This feature was originally made by another LittleBigPlanet fan site owner and was passed onto me when the site had closed down.

I was going to make this a feature for LittleBigLand, but the code was also passed onto friend and fellow LittleBigPlanet fan site owner Matthew LaCurts and rather then compete with each other we decided to join forces and make a whole website just for this feature.

The PHP code to generate signatures was totally re-written by Matt while I got to work on building the site. A handy feature of the sites design was the tabs. Rather then loading different pages I wanted users to seamlessly navigate through the different areas of the site. I didn’t want to do this with AJAX so opted to do it with a simple bit of JavaScript to show and hide each section of content.

With an ever growing list of background design options (over 60 designs) I then decided to use the show/hide tabs feature to better organize all of the options.

Overall this was a very popular site used by a lot of people and received praise from the LittleBigPlanet developers.