LittleBigSites is basically a web ring for LittleBigPlanet official and fan sites. I originally built this in 2011 based on the website made by Tom Kiss; LittleBigFans (Which Tom has kindly set to redirect to LittleBigSites) The objective of this site is to provide LittleBigPlanet community members with a place to view all the LittleBigPlanet official and fan sites on offer.


The site was originally all hard coded from scratch and didn’t use any kind of CMS software. That however proved to be insufficient as to add new sites I would have to manually code them in. This was a pain and meant I never got round to adding new sites. So after about a year (Of procrastinating) I got round to moving the whole site over to WordPress and redesigned the whole site.



Each site is submitted as a post and displayed on the index page with just the thumb image to provide a visual list of all the sites available. The post display is also randomized on each refresh of the page to ensure that no one site is favoured over another. Clicking on the thumb images take you to the full post which displays a box containing the sites image, a 1 to 5 star rating feature, social buttons to share the post, a link to the site and tags to describe the site. Below that is a short description of the site telling the user what the site is about, providing links to any of the sites social accounts, etc.


Using WordPress’s clever and flexible system the box on each post is coded into the single page and pulls the thumb image, the tags assigned to the post and the site link from a custom field. Meaning all I having to do when posting a new site is, upload the site image, assign the tags, enter a custom field and write a short description. Proving to be much more sufficient then how the site was set up before.



The site is split up into 4 pages. Fan: Displaying a category of all the fan sites submitted. Official: Displaying a category of all the official sites submitted. Website Submission: Where users can submit any LittleBigPlanet site to be posted and About: Containing a full description of what the site is all about. Each page has different color links, titles and sidebars using WordPress’s clever conditional tags.


I Made this site over a 2 week period and had loads of fun making it, which is why a few jokes and silly things are placed throughout the code for any eagle eyed viewers to find.

You can view this site at: