MeLoveKittyCats was pretty just a site i set up for fun one time when I was a bit board. The whole thing came about when i was messing around at doing a bit of line art in photoshop and made the cat illustration used in the header of the site. From that, somehow came a whole website. I’ve always loved cats and have had a number of cats throughout my life. So it was quite fun making a website about cats.


The site is made using WordPress with a pretty simple theme which only took a couple days to make. The site features a gallery achieved with a simple WordPress plugin and a submission form for people to submit their own cat pictures to be posted on the blog. Again achieved through a simple plugin which emails me the the image and details to post.



I never really bothered promoting the site much nor have I have put much effort into posting stuff on the site. I’m not really much of a blogger so the site is a bit static at the moment.


Regardless though I had great fun making this site and really like the overall simple design of it.

You can see this site live at: