TearawayLand.com is a blog fansite for the PS Vita game Tearaway. With anticipation among the gaming community to know what game Media Molecule were going to make next, Tearaway was revealed. Upon first seeing the reveal I immediately thought “Lets make a fansite” and got to work straight away.


Made over a couple of weeks TearawayLand is a WordPress blog designed with help from fellow blogger and friend Tyler Stewart. When designing the site we tried to capture the style from the game based on what little amount we had seen of the game. Which seems to be hand made paper, origami kind of style. Which is a very fun style for a website design.



TearawayLand features a media gallery which gives users the ability to submit media to be posted on the site.


As a big fan of anything Media Molecule do I had great fun making this site and look forward to developing the site further in the future.

You can see this site live at tearawayland.com