A fellow fanatic of the Playstation game LittleBigPlanet Was interested in starting a new fan site. He was a user of my fan site LittleBigLand and asked me to build his fan site. He had already got someone to design the site so all I had to do was code it all.

I built a WordPress theme from scratch to use for the blog and adapted the theme to the forum powered by IPBoard. I had never had any experience with IPBoard so first had to learn the framework and how it all worked.

The blog theme was fairly simple to make. Just a basic theme with all the basic functionality needed. Once I had messed around with the IPBoard software for a bit, adapting the blog theme to the forum was fairly simple as well. Mainly just some CSS work and a couple HTML template changes.

Overall this was a very simple website which I was quite pleased with.

As with every LittleBigPlanet website interest died down so this site is no longer online.