Website Maintenance

Why do I need Website Maintenance?

Well let me give you one very important example to help you better understand the importance of Website Maintenance.

The top reason is the most evident one: security. Many people think getting hacked can’t happen to them because their site is too small –why on earth would anyone want to hack it? While there’s a variety of reasons your site could get hacked, such as mining Bitcoin, stealing bandwidth, or just being randomly targeted by bots, there’s usually one common denominator: a site with outdated software or plugins. So it’s important to keep every thing up to date and constantly monitored for threats.

There’s many more reasons for Website Maintenance, like User Experience, SEO, Future Browser Compatibility, etc. All of this stuff can be time consuming and if you don’t know how to do it then it can be hard to learn. So why not let me do it for you.


So let’s get down to it. I offer two packages with various differences to suit your needs. If neither of these suit your needs, maybe you just need me to handle the security? then we can work out a custom deal for you.

Wordfence Premium

Host Maintenance

Free Domain Name


Core/Plugin Updates

Page Updates

Content Maintenance



Per Calandar Month



Per Calandar Month

If you would like to know full details about website maintenance then feel free to contact me.